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More Turbo Jam love and looking ahead.

I had the most amazing workout on Monday afternoon. I turned on the 'Music pumped up' option on my favorite TJ workout and blew the roof off. I did the workout again (much less awesomely) this morning. My buns. Ow. And the rest of me. I feel kind of creaky today and my shoulder is sore. I think something's out. But I LOVE LOVE that workout. I'm kind of hooked on it and it has so much more butt-kicking potential now that I'm getting strong enough to do the Caipoeira section really low. Yeah, it will continue to wring me out for at least another few weeks.

My Biggest Loser challenge ends this week. Becky is thinking of a round 2, but I don't see it being as motivational for everyone and it is a lot of work for her. We'll see....

My master plan at this point is to rock it during the month of September with TJ as much as I can. September is SO BUSY with rehearsals, so I'm just going to keep going the way I am. However, October 1st shall be day 1 of Chalean Extreme. (OH my goodness, what a cheesy title. It's so embarrassing.) That's the TJ version of P90X and I have a feeling I won't want to punch her in the face as much as I would the smug P90X dude that drives me crazy even in the commercials. I'll use some of my performance money to buy the DVDs used and get my hands on some weights. That's the only problem. I need free weights like crazy with this and they're so expensive. I'm still researching that.

Anyway, that's 3 months worth of workouts and insanity which will land me at January 1st. I know, insane, right? I just think I'm much more likely to succeed at a crazy workout set if it's not taking place in January and Febuary. So yeah. That there is the plan. I'm excited.

I've decided that I'll never succeed at a gym unless I'm constantly with a personal trainer. I'm terrible at sticking to my own system and to me the gym is so incredibly BORING I can hardly stand it. I guess I just have to be entertained. And I also love working out at home and not having to drive anywhere. I can be pathetic at 6:30 AM in the cool breeze of my open living room window and I really like that. I'm going to have to find a place to put weights though. Currently they fit under my TV table. Heh.


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