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Kicking off my Biggest Loser 8 weeks

My friend started an 8 week round of The Biggest Loser and got 33 women to buy in. Our initial $10 fee goes for the weekly prizes for highest percentage of weight lost that week. The final winner gets 20% of the whole pot ($66 in this case.) I'm feeling competitive and motivated and optimistic. It's weird to feel that way, actually.

The thing is, I'm at a point where I have everything going for me. It's summer. I'm on the appropriate hormone-regulating medications (now that I finally have health insurance), I'm restoring my Vitamin D with huge doses weekly and there's money involved with this challenge. :D I can see myself succeeding with this.

It also helps that there's a time limit on it. Timed exercise goals don't really contribute to the 'lifestyle change' that we're all going for, but they really do help me stick with something. So I'm ok with that.

The lifestyle change is happening through ANOTHER game we're playing with my friend Becky. It's called the Sugar Pot. All 33 of us bought in with $5 and we pick a day that we can eat sugar. We have to put $2 in the pot for every OTHER day that we indulge in sugar over the rest of the week. I'm determined to succeed at this. That amazing Costco Boston cream pie I had last night will be my last sugar until Friday. That's my sugar day. I'm not going crazy and cutting out anyting that has ANY sugar in it (that would be most food in general) but I'm going with the sugary things that I'm addicted to. Basically, desserts. I didn't completely cut out the brown sugar in my daily oatmeal, but I did cut it in half this morning just to see what it was like. Honestly? I was totally fine with it. WIN!!

So those are my two (insane) projects right now. I'm adding exercise DAILY to this 8 weeks. I'm super curious to see just how much I can lose by August 31st if I really put my mind to it. 8% of my body weight is realistic. 10% would be heavenly. :D

Wish me luck. I'll be posting here just for moral support and a place to blather. :) Hope you guys are all doing well.


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Jul. 7th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for inviting me! I'm totally addicted to sugar, and I can already feel the withdrawal. It's awful. But, like you, I'm determined to stick with it! The monetary punishment is a big motivator. ;)

10% of my body weight would put me back to my weight when I got pregnant with Sarah. That would be lovely. And it may even be achievable. Alas, my ultimate goal will take much longer than 8 weeks. This will be such a good start, though!
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