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The gal who is running my weight loss challenge has a blog going on right now for us to post in, but I feel more comfortable posting my blatherings over here. :) Sorry.

I think I've decided to make this 8 weeks wall to wall Turbo Jam with walking whenever I can fit it in. That means Turbo Jam every day with the possible addition of a new workout toward the 6th week or so. I think that's a good reward to look forward to. :) I'm curious to see how much I can attribute to this workout as I've never JUST done these workouts, but always interspersed them with a bunch of other crap. Honestly, I think these workouts will be enough.

Yesterday I did the 45 minute cardio mix (the one I love) and made it...mostly. I made it all the way through but I couldn't do all the kicks to their fullest. I had to march half-heartedly here and there. But I did it and it was good. To be able to START with that workout is a real step for me. I usually spend weeks working up to that.

Today I did the 40 minute resistance video which always taxes me like crazy. It was REALLY hard, but I did it (minus a couple overhead presses. I'll get those in.) Jeez. Buckets of sweat later, I feel extremely creaky. I need to stretch a few times today just to keep from stiffening up into the shape of my office chair. :)

Tomorrow I think I'll do the cardio mix again and Saturday is yard work which might be followed by the 20 minute workout, if I haven't killed myself with the yard work. I've decided that I can't be competitive at this without working out at least 40 minutes a day. Sundays I will walk in the mornings before church so there will be calorie burn 7 days a week. A gal with only 13 pounds to lose (and we have them in this challenge) may lose slower, but her 1 pound is the same percentage as....more pounds in my case. ;) I can lose more pounds just because I have them to give up, but it's going to take work work work.

The good news is, I've done 2 full days without the sugar and really don't feel bad at all. I've heard there's a crash coming, but I'm going to do my best to avoid it. Honestly, I'm doing ok with it. My sister is really poor this week (I live with her) so she can't afford to buy her usual junk food (which I usually share) so this is really helpful for now. :D Tomorrow is my scheduled sugar day, but we'll see. I don't crave it all the time. I just have sudden, violent cravings now and then which don't last very long at all. (but they're violent!) I'll have to plan carefully what I want on my sugar day tomorrow. I think some chocolate might do the trick. :)

My biggest problem is getting to bed on time. If I don't get enough sleep, the morning workouts are going to really wipe me out...or, worse yet, not happen at all.


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