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More Turbo Jam love and looking ahead.

I had the most amazing workout on Monday afternoon. I turned on the 'Music pumped up' option on my favorite TJ workout and blew the roof off. I did the workout again (much less awesomely) this morning. My buns. Ow. And the rest of me. I feel kind of creaky today and my shoulder is sore. I think something's out. But I LOVE LOVE that workout. I'm kind of hooked on it and it has so much more butt-kicking potential now that I'm getting strong enough to do the Caipoeira section really low. Yeah, it will continue to wring me out for at least another few weeks.

My Biggest Loser challenge ends this week. Becky is thinking of a round 2, but I don't see it being as motivational for everyone and it is a lot of work for her. We'll see....

My master plan at this point is to rock it during the month of September with TJ as much as I can. September is SO BUSY with rehearsals, so I'm just going to keep going the way I am. However, October 1st shall be day 1 of Chalean Extreme. (OH my goodness, what a cheesy title. It's so embarrassing.) That's the TJ version of P90X and I have a feeling I won't want to punch her in the face as much as I would the smug P90X dude that drives me crazy even in the commercials. I'll use some of my performance money to buy the DVDs used and get my hands on some weights. That's the only problem. I need free weights like crazy with this and they're so expensive. I'm still researching that.

Anyway, that's 3 months worth of workouts and insanity which will land me at January 1st. I know, insane, right? I just think I'm much more likely to succeed at a crazy workout set if it's not taking place in January and Febuary. So yeah. That there is the plan. I'm excited.

I've decided that I'll never succeed at a gym unless I'm constantly with a personal trainer. I'm terrible at sticking to my own system and to me the gym is so incredibly BORING I can hardly stand it. I guess I just have to be entertained. And I also love working out at home and not having to drive anywhere. I can be pathetic at 6:30 AM in the cool breeze of my open living room window and I really like that. I'm going to have to find a place to put weights though. Currently they fit under my TV table. Heh.

I Think I may be Onto Something

Bear with me, here. I've had the same cell phone for several years. I've glued buttons back on this puppy. I mean, it was kind of a wreck.

So when the hubby found out we could get reasonable upgrades, we each got a Galaxy S Android. I know a lot of people seem to dig the iPhone, but I feared the hit to my Geek Cred, and losing control of my web empire by not being quite geeky enough. ;) (Seriously, I needed the bigger, brighter screen and flexibility of teh Android - iPhones are to locked down with DRM to be useful to me, for reasons I've discussed elsewhere.)

But, anyway. I got an ap that helps me count calorie intake and burn by logging both foods eaten and exercises done. I started just under two weeks ago, and have lost four pounds. Counting calories is tedious, but with this thing I just search teh database for foods I've eaten. If it's not in there, I add it and then it will always be there ready to plug in.

And if I want to eat something but don't have enough calories left for the day, I know I can run for 15 minutes or do push-ups or have wild and wacky adult fun time to earn that dessert.

Everybody wins!

Now, I know I will have issues at some point, because the first ten pounds are supposed to be the easiest, but I feel very good about this, really. I mean, I live in New Orleans, where we are just entering the 'too hot to outside without air-conditioned underpants' portion of the summer, in which it is all too easy to wander around the house grazing for recreation.

But I'm not doing that, because it is more fun to play with my new shiny, or do the half million other things that need doing for my website.

And, really, there is nothing I 'can't' eat if I'm willing to pay for it, so I don't feel deprived. In fact, I feel quite in control of this process and much less like it is something I'm being forced to conform to. Wheeeee!

Biggest loser update

Oh, I'm craving cheesy, salty junk like CRAZY right now. Ugh.

In good news, I've lost about 9 pounds in my 4 weeks of TBL. I finally measured myself last night and even though I weigh less than I did at this time last summer, I'm WIDER and THICKER through various abendages and my torso. Which means I had some good muscle last summer. I'm working up to that a little more slowly and concentrating on cardio instead, just because I can drop the weight a bit faster. I'm still doing some resistance to keep it up, but that's not my focus. I think that'll work well.

The weight started coming off when I started eating more calories in the form of dairy and protein. Funky! I even added some more whole grain carbs and it seemed to help. That was a relief. I think I'm having a low calorie day today which is why I'm craving crap. I need to find a way to get the fat and protein in without ruining my day with 1000 extra calories. (But mozzarella cheese sticks, oh how I LOVE you!!) I'll figure it out, I'm sure.

This last week has had me thinking...I never ever keep at this effort long enough to see REAL results. I've lost 30 pounds in a summer, but compared to the over all gazillion I have to lose, that's really not much. And honestly, 2 months isn't long enough to get my body used to metabolizing and being more efficient and conditioned. It's just not. So...I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to push this crazy 8 weeks out into the fall and through winter until I see MAJOR results. Like, 50 pounds of results. At least. I really think I could lose that much by Christmas (including the almost 10 I've lost already) but I won't put a goal on it. I just need to find a way to keep going, even if it's not as intense as it is right now. My life gets really busy in the fall....so this will take some creativity and deep thought.

However, I feel like I do better at things when I have time to get used to them...to ramp up to them. So, I will start thinking while I have 4 weeks left of this program. :) I've considered rejoining weight watchers just so I still have that weekly weigh in, too. That might be good. We'll see.

Anyway, success is consistent, but tiny. :) That's good.


Guys, I know I'm probably obsessing, but I want to ask for your help.

Here's the thing. I've been working my butt off, exercising 40-50 minutes a day, 6 days a week, eating no sugar, and drinking water like a lunatic. The scale isn't moving. I know I'm only 3 weeks in, but this is NOT the usual thing for me. I can always lose weight when I'm working this hard (and I've NEVER managed to cut out the sugar.) I'm kind of stumped. I know I should just keep plowing ahead, and I will...

But today, just for kicks, I went and added up my calories on my spark people account. My calories from yesterday were 1161. Yikes! Spark People was like "Are you sure you're done entering calories? They're really low!" It seems kind of extreme. The thing is, I eat when I'm hungry. I really do! But I'm low on carbs and on protein, which could be stalling any weight loss. I just need to eat more!

What do you think? I'm soliciting advice here, people!! Tell me what you know and what you'd do if you were me.

Here are my initial thoughts. Stuff I'm going to add:

A glass of skim milk every day (maybe with whole grain cereal). I need the calcium anyway.
More veggies and grains for the carbs. Possibly some hummus for the protein.
My multivitamin and vitamin B complex (which I haven't been taking because I'm a loser.)

What else? The problem is, I'm not feeling hungry, so I'll have to sneak this stuff into my meals. I had an egg with my oatmeal this morning just to beef it up a little bit. :)

Anyway, have at it. Speak to me!!

Week 2 - Meh

This week was weird. I saw everyone's awesome weight loss from last week and dove in like a crazy person. I exercised tons (my rest day is Tuesday, the day I weigh in) and continued to eat as well as I had before. I was perfect with the sugar abstinence and checked the scale on Friday...

Bad idea. I had GAINED 2 pounds. :( This caused a minor relapse on Saturday night that involved Arby's mozzarella cheese sticks...but I rallied. Sunday and Monday saw awesome 5K walks and great salads. Today I squinched my eyes shut and stepped on the scale...

.32 % loss. Yeah. That's pathetic. But it's better than a gain, right? *headdesk*

I just have to hope that all my work will suddenly start showing results one magical day. I'm off sugar, people! There should be better results than this! I will keep it up though. I guess as long as I'm losing something, I'm doing well. Hmph.


They just posted the standings for our biggest loser competition complete with % of weight lost for everyone...and I was rather flummoxed. I thought I'd done really well with my 1.56%...but the winner this week lost 4.73%. Good gracious! I did some quick counting and if she weighed anywhere between 140-160 pounds, this girl had to have lost 7-8 pounds in one week. JEEZ! I don't think I could ever do that unless I did some crazy cleanse. There were plenty of other girls that landed well above me into the 2%, too.

I'm not sure if this motivates to work like crazy or if I'm discouraged that my really respectable multiple pound weight loss was so pathetic in comparison to everyone else's. I need to choose which it's going to be. I weigh enough that multiple pounds is still a small percentage, which is depressing. However, it will only get better as I get smaller and smaller. Hmph.

I think I will set a goal of 10% total weight loss for the 8 weeks. That's doable with a lot of work and it would be AMAZING. It would put me lower than I've been in 3 years and almost where I bottomed out back in 2007. That would set me up for more losses this fall which would send me into the undiscovered country. I really would love to get there.

So this 8 weeks could be pivotal and successful for me if I don't let comparison get all up in my brain and weird me out. I hope to have a wickedly awesome week around week 5 or 6 when everyone else is plateau-ing. Maybe. ;)


Week 1

You know? I love weighing in when I know I've been good all week. Well, mostly good. I didn't have to put any money in the sugar pot, which is positively miraculous. I'm really excited about that.

I still shut my eyes and worried when I stepped on the scale today. But, I lost 1.56% of my total weight, which was even more than I was hoping for. (I need an average of 1.25% a week to lose 10% over 8 weeks. So this helps that average a lot!) It totally made my day.

I think my day is also really good because I slept in instead of working out this morning. I wasn't feeling well yesterday after working out and I think I just needed some more sleep. I'll do a 5K walk/run this evening and then get back to Turbo Jam tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can keep up the daily exercise.


The gal who is running my weight loss challenge has a blog going on right now for us to post in, but I feel more comfortable posting my blatherings over here. :) Sorry.

I think I've decided to make this 8 weeks wall to wall Turbo Jam with walking whenever I can fit it in. That means Turbo Jam every day with the possible addition of a new workout toward the 6th week or so. I think that's a good reward to look forward to. :) I'm curious to see how much I can attribute to this workout as I've never JUST done these workouts, but always interspersed them with a bunch of other crap. Honestly, I think these workouts will be enough.

Yesterday I did the 45 minute cardio mix (the one I love) and made it...mostly. I made it all the way through but I couldn't do all the kicks to their fullest. I had to march half-heartedly here and there. But I did it and it was good. To be able to START with that workout is a real step for me. I usually spend weeks working up to that.

Today I did the 40 minute resistance video which always taxes me like crazy. It was REALLY hard, but I did it (minus a couple overhead presses. I'll get those in.) Jeez. Buckets of sweat later, I feel extremely creaky. I need to stretch a few times today just to keep from stiffening up into the shape of my office chair. :)

Tomorrow I think I'll do the cardio mix again and Saturday is yard work which might be followed by the 20 minute workout, if I haven't killed myself with the yard work. I've decided that I can't be competitive at this without working out at least 40 minutes a day. Sundays I will walk in the mornings before church so there will be calorie burn 7 days a week. A gal with only 13 pounds to lose (and we have them in this challenge) may lose slower, but her 1 pound is the same percentage as....more pounds in my case. ;) I can lose more pounds just because I have them to give up, but it's going to take work work work.

The good news is, I've done 2 full days without the sugar and really don't feel bad at all. I've heard there's a crash coming, but I'm going to do my best to avoid it. Honestly, I'm doing ok with it. My sister is really poor this week (I live with her) so she can't afford to buy her usual junk food (which I usually share) so this is really helpful for now. :D Tomorrow is my scheduled sugar day, but we'll see. I don't crave it all the time. I just have sudden, violent cravings now and then which don't last very long at all. (but they're violent!) I'll have to plan carefully what I want on my sugar day tomorrow. I think some chocolate might do the trick. :)

My biggest problem is getting to bed on time. If I don't get enough sleep, the morning workouts are going to really wipe me out...or, worse yet, not happen at all.

Kicking off my Biggest Loser 8 weeks

My friend started an 8 week round of The Biggest Loser and got 33 women to buy in. Our initial $10 fee goes for the weekly prizes for highest percentage of weight lost that week. The final winner gets 20% of the whole pot ($66 in this case.) I'm feeling competitive and motivated and optimistic. It's weird to feel that way, actually.

The thing is, I'm at a point where I have everything going for me. It's summer. I'm on the appropriate hormone-regulating medications (now that I finally have health insurance), I'm restoring my Vitamin D with huge doses weekly and there's money involved with this challenge. :D I can see myself succeeding with this.

It also helps that there's a time limit on it. Timed exercise goals don't really contribute to the 'lifestyle change' that we're all going for, but they really do help me stick with something. So I'm ok with that.

The lifestyle change is happening through ANOTHER game we're playing with my friend Becky. It's called the Sugar Pot. All 33 of us bought in with $5 and we pick a day that we can eat sugar. We have to put $2 in the pot for every OTHER day that we indulge in sugar over the rest of the week. I'm determined to succeed at this. That amazing Costco Boston cream pie I had last night will be my last sugar until Friday. That's my sugar day. I'm not going crazy and cutting out anyting that has ANY sugar in it (that would be most food in general) but I'm going with the sugary things that I'm addicted to. Basically, desserts. I didn't completely cut out the brown sugar in my daily oatmeal, but I did cut it in half this morning just to see what it was like. Honestly? I was totally fine with it. WIN!!

So those are my two (insane) projects right now. I'm adding exercise DAILY to this 8 weeks. I'm super curious to see just how much I can lose by August 31st if I really put my mind to it. 8% of my body weight is realistic. 10% would be heavenly. :D

Wish me luck. I'll be posting here just for moral support and a place to blather. :) Hope you guys are all doing well.


Yay! I went and got weighed yesterday, and I'm officially 10% lighter than I was just over a year ago when I really started again. I basically maintained over the long winter, and I'm now I'm going to start on the next goal: 10% again.

Fortunately, thanks to physics, this is a smaller number than it was the first time (roughly 10% smaller), so I think it is accomplishable in this summer.